How To Help

Interested in helping to create opportunities for Latino students with college-promise in the Shenandoah Valley? There are many ways to get involved!

– Consider donating money to support cost of tuition for scholars. You can make secured donations through our website. Simply click on the following hyperlink to go directly to our website:

 [SVSLI is 501-C3 organization. You can verify the status of SVSLI by visiting Guidestar and typing “Shenandoah Valley Scholars Latino Initiative” in the search inquiry.]

– Do you have an old car that you are thinking of getting rid of? Why not donate it to SVSLI for a tax write off! Contact​.

– Help the scholars by giving your time. Offer an opportunity for a student to shadow you in your profession. Invite the students to tour your workplace. Perhaps you are a fundraising expert who can help the organization secure more donations. Any of these contributions would be welcomed and appreciated. Contact​

– Tell your friends and spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and good ol’ fashion face-to-face contact. The more people who know about SVSLI, the more sustainable our mission can be in sending Latino scholars from the Shenandoah Valley area to college and beyond.

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