SLI Documentaries: Media Professor Shaun Wright

Here is some of Shaun’s work on immigrant stories in the Shenandoah Valley:

Professor Shaun Wright of JMU’s School of Media Arts and Design (SMAD) has his college students create a documentary about SV-SLI students and immigration in the Shenandoah Valley. Watch this video of some of his work, and continue to read more. Continue reading

Trail Clean Up!

SLI Dingledine -small

SLI Scholars with JMU Dingledine Scholars

For the third consecutive year, SV-SLI high school scholars and mentors cleaned up a trailed nature area at Thomas Harrison Middle School as a service project for JMU’s Big Event. The day was spent clearing brush, and planting trees and shrubs donated by Rodamer’s Landscaping of Harrisonburg. With help from a team of JMU’s Dingledine Scholars (D-Unit!), the clean up project only took about 3 hours.

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Meet Your Mentor!

By: Jett Reed

The centerpiece of SLI’s success across its different chapters is mentorship. College students and working adults help to guide high school students by developing a strong, positive relationship as they progress through their education. I interviewed Andrea Gonzalez, a James Madison University Centennial Scholar and a founding SVSLI college student mentor to learn what it’s like to be a SLI mentor!

(From Left): Andrea, Mrs. Sandy Mercer (SVSLI High School Coordinator, Dulce (Andrea's menthe)

(From Left): Andrea, Mrs. Sandy Mercer (SVSLI High School Coordinator), Dulce (Andrea’s mentee)

Andrea Celeste Gonzalez, 20 years old, James Madison University

(Major: Health Science with a concentration in Health Assessment and Promotion)

Q: What led to you being a mentor for SVSLI?

A: The director of the Centennial Scholars Program, Mrs. Strawbridge, asked if I was interested in being a mentor to a Latino high school student who wanted to further their education. Being the first in my family to attend a university, it would have been extremely beneficial if I had had a college student to mentor me through the college process. Of course, I was immediately interested.

Q: What’s an average day like spending time with a student/students?

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Dia de los Muertos…Different than Halloween?

By: Jett Reed
Today, as most of America knows it, is Halloween. Originated from the phrase, “All Hallow’s Eve,” Halloween is believed to have descended from a number of cultural traditions, including Christianized feasts and Celtic harvest festivals. Although it may have begun as a day to commemorate the death of loved ones, Halloween today is a opportunity for children dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating through neighborhoods for candy. It has a “spooky” vibe about it, and other activities include carving pumpkins and making jack-o-lanterns.

svsimageProfessional poster made by SVSLI for 2013 Harrisonburg International Festival, translated from English to Spanish

So…Dia de los Muertos is the same things except in Latino culture, right?  Wrong!   Continue reading